Ocean Blue Medical Massage and SPA
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Spa Services and Rates

Look younger face massage $45.00 Add on to your massage $35.00

Steam treatment 20 Minutes $30.00 Add on to your massage $20.00

Dolphin Neurostim Tens Unit 60 minutes $65.00

Cupping $35.00 add on $15.00

Deluxe foot massage 90 minutes $65.00

Deluxe hand treatment 90 minutes $65.00

Detox dry brushing (exfoliation) $30.00 Add on to your massage $25.00

Detox Ear massage (ear candling and ear massage) $45.00 Add on to your massage $35.00

Detox wrap or wrapless (in the steam sauna) $85.00

Ear candling $35.00

Paraffin hand treatment $65.00

Relaxation body wrap $45.00

Rose cleansing (realign chakras) $45.00

Lightstim for Wrinkles

Lightstim for Pain

Himilayan Salt Cave Sauna 30 minutes $20.00

Please bring your bathing suit or shorts and a top. If paired with a treatment, a robe will be provided.

Himilayan Salt Room 30 minutes $20.00

Escape from the stresses of life. Come and meditate or rest after your massage in our Himilayan Salt Room. You can be fully clothed in our salt room. If paired with a treatment, a robe will be provided. 

Salt therapy can help relieve stress, cure insomnia, improve focus, cure asthma, cure allergies, reduce arthritis, improve skin conditions, cure bronchitis, improve symptoms of cystic-fibrosis, and and stimulate circulation. 


Lypossage 30 minutes $90.00 (Incudes a complimentary 10 minute Salt Cave Sauna Treatment.)

Zone 1 Series of 9 Treatments - $648.00 (Includes hips, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen.)

Zone 2 Series of 9 Treatments - $648 (Includes abdomen, back, neck, and arms.)

Zone 3 Series of 9 Treatments - $648 (Includes head, neck, and face.)